The Gathering Storm

A Friend in Need - Through the Wall !

Session 18

SigmarTide 17 2522 – Stromdorf

Luca is attacked by the lunatic (he is unwashed and smells of vomit). The Lunatic slams Luca into a wall flooring him and forcing him physically through a rotten wall.

Jonas glimpses through the open door and cast a firey storm targeted on the Lunatic, causing him to erupt in flame and curse. Blood and pus spray over Luka, who fears for his health..

Zilvia leaps in, attempting to delay the deranged man, but can’t prevail, leaving Jonas grazed and off balance. All the time, the obviously insane man, is muttering arcane utterances which Jonas just can’t pick up on.

As Luca attempts to pull his body from the wall, Zilvia harries the man. Jonas is hit by a mighty blow hurling him clear through to the street. The impact and the serious nature of his wounds causes Jonas to pass out.

Caeless grabs Luca and tries to help free him. As Luca finally springs free he gets a splinter in his eye, mangling it badly.

Zilvia tries to use leverage to topple, the wounded but still very dangerous lunatic into the street but he resists and strikes back forcing Zilvia back into the house to join Luca and Caeless. Luca grabbing his sword and calling on fortune strikes him in the belly and pinning him to the wall. As he dies he murmurs “incubus” before finally dying.

The party rallies as Zilvia heals to the best of her ability. Unfortunately she does not have the experience to fully heal Lucas eye, and only mitigates the damage. Using a draft from the apocatherys shop that they are in she revives Jonas.

The nosy neighbor appears demanding information on Janelle only to be rebuffed. Caeless and Luca search the room again noting a wedding dress and 9 lanterns. Jonas, in a moment of clarity, decifers the mutterings as " slay the unbeleiver". Whilst examining the corpse, Jonas notices the start of mutation and intricate arcane tattoos. Zilvia escorts Luca to the Doctor and collects the Sigmarite priest on the way back so the party can carry on looking for Janele.

Whilst searching the party find a locket (with a picture of a man and woman inside) and a silver ring. After Jonas lights the lanterns the searching is easier and they find a key, and a loose floor board containing a little money keepsake.

After convincing Magnus (the Sigmarite priest) to accompany her, they arrive back at the house. Magnus proclaims that this looks like the work of the Purple Hand. They return to the cellar and after much investigation find a secret door through the wall that leads to a room with a trap door.

Upon opening the trap door they see an old wooden flight of steps descending into the dark. This leads into shoddy catacombs, both badly maintained and poorly crafted.. They begin there search for Janelle, knowing that they will call for backup if required. Jonas sences all the winds of magic blowing through these tunnels.

They come across a store room, which has a poisoned handle on the door. this is a contact poison the Zilvia discerns has been made with some basic herbs.

In the room they find….



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