The Gathering Storm

A Friend in Need - The Ties That Bind

Session 19 and 20

SigmarTide 18 2522 – Stromdorf

Personal Journal of Lector Magnus Gottschalk -

I stand in the offices of Herr Kessler both disgusted and ashamed with the travisty of my beloved Stromdorf. What has this town come too. I have just brought a witch and heretic to be tried by the full justice of the law and light of beloved Sigmar.

Jennel needs to be executed, that is beyond a doubt, but that will be the tenth execution in less than a month. How invested in chaos is this town?? Beasts of Tzeench under my town, hidden warrens on cultists, ritual magic dear lord Sigmar help us!

Tzeentch screamer

Some hundred good citizens held in thrall by this witch by some ritual caste in her youth. No wonder the divide in the town. Thanks be praised for my allies, those that I dreamed off have been the anvil to my hammer. I can see that their support and loyalty will be required in the tough times ahead.

Now we have a rat issue under our town too, whatever next….

Personal Journel of Captain Arno Kessler -

They have done it again. Uncovered corruption in our town. First the Holtz family, then the return of Mourns necromatic evil, and now a Witch of Tzeench and cultist. All in a month. Strange times indeed.

The Elf Caeless calming the mob, then escorting the mad to Dr. Schneider, Zilvia also calming the crowd then with the watch dispersing them. Johanas dragging the witch to justice with the good priest and Luka losing an eye.

And now reports of a rat problem in the northern parts of town. I must report to Adler and again seek the help of this valiant band of unlikely heroes.

I need to again write to Ubersreik to send a Witch Hunter to perform a trial and to see how deep the corruption lies in this town. See the full extent that this ritual of the Ties that Bind has run.

And will this rain never stop?



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