The Gathering Storm

Back to Town and a Heros welcome....

Session 26

SigmarTide 28 2522 – Stromdorf

Zilvia and Caeless remain at the Baumer farm to load a cart with Sonja Baumers mutilated body, so that she can be given medical aid in Stromdorf. Jonas and Nindeh return the Ackerland farm with Kleb in tow. Gubo Ackerland is stunned by the revelation that goblins had overrun the Baumer farm, he is releaved that the party have dealt with them. His wife, Meg offers Flea and her mother a home.

Caeless and Zilvia struggle with the cart back to the Ackerland farm and a wheel breaks in the turgid mud. They also hear the sounds of pursuit. The wheel is fixed quickly and as they near the farm they see Jonas running towards them excitedly. Nindeh cannot get her horse moving its had enough,what with rain, more rain, Squig bites, mud and even more blasted rain.

Jonas has seen some goblins laying in wait for the cart, and Zilvia alerted to there precenses gives them a blast from her newly “aquired” blunderbus…to devastating effect. Instantly killing two goblins and giving a third a new hair style… the rest run and Zilvia has a new toy!!

The party spend the rest of the night at the farm, drying off and enjoying a nice warm meal. Gubo offers them a cow as a reward for their help and is non plussed when the decline this obvious wealth.

On their return to town they encounter a halfling farmer with her mule, on her way home from Stromdorf. Her name is Anith Chuckleberry and her farm is the closest to Tempst Knap. She had been up the Knap in her youth but its haunted and too spooky for her to go there again. She admits that about a month ago there were strange goings on up on the hill. She agrees to guide the party up some of the way on the morrow.

Once in Stromdorf the party leave the wounded Sonja with the good doctor. They then go to the town hall. They encounter a pair of road wardens leaving Adlers office. One of whom recognises and greets Caeless. This is Bartomar Jaeger an ex bounty hunter from Auerswald.

The party see Adler and Kessler and they are given the news that a Witch Hunter from Aldorf is on his way, but not Tobias Dolmetscher, who has been arrested for at least incompetance and at worst conspiration with the forces of chaos. The witch hunter from Altdorf is Matthais Krieger who’s reputation is ruthless…

The party hatch a plan to determine if Niklas Schulmann can be trusted, they plan to break into his room… very honorable of them, so trust worthy!



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