The Gathering Storm

Dealing with Goblins 101

Session 24

SigmarTide 27 2522 – South of Stromdorf

With a stalemate in the courtyard, the goblins unsure how man hummies they are being attacked by and too intimidated by the accurate missile fire to find out, and the party unsure how to deal with so many goblins.

Nindeh running low on ammo for her crossbow picks up a sling, and though unuse to it, she still hits anything that moves in the farms courtyard. Caeless decides to see what has happened to Jonas as roars can be heard from inside the farmhouse. Gobspite encourages one of his minions to retrieve his headband, its shot for its troubles.

Zilvia patches up the wounded Kleb, and then gets into a slanging match with Gobspite. This ends with him trying a spell on her for little effect. However a Lighting bolt hits the marble plinth and Zilvia takes this and claims that she caused this to happen. Goblins are stupid, sometimes really stupid, they fall for this ruse, goblin morale collapses and they rush back to the barn.

The glowy rock

Caeless enters the farmhouse upper floor, comes across some more goblins which he dispatches and Jonas, diselved and exhausted bursts in the room. They both escape the building. Jonas relates his struggle with the Troll. Involving hiding, running and more hiding. Just to confuse the creature. The pair of them observe the goblins hiding in the barn. Jonas lets rip with a flameblast that hits the dry straw and starts a fire. This is too much for the already shaken goblins and they rout.

Meanwhile Zilvia, Nindeh and Kleb have retrieved the plinth stone and Gobspites headpiece from the courtyard, and have returned to the gatehouse as the broken goblins flee past them. At which point the Troll bursts through the door of the farmhouse with a limping and wounded Gobpsite holding onto its leg. Zilvia is struke by a bolt from Gobspites eyes and Kleb collapses in fear from the site of the Troll. Zilvia, wounded but unbowed picks up the plinth and tries to drop it on Gobspites head, it misses. Nindeh shoots one of her few remaining bolts at the Troll and shatters its kneecap, immbolising it for a while, whilst Jonas and Caeless come in for the kill…..



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