The Gathering Storm

Heros of the Town ??

Session 21

SigmarTide 26 2522 – Stromdorf

A week has passed for our Heroes. A grateful Burgermeister allows them to be given two rooms in the nearly vacant town hall. These rooms are furnished, and the services of a maid commissioned by Adler. Meals supplied by the Thunderwater again paid for by Adler.

Jennel is imprisoned and a Witchhunter summoned from Ubersreik. Otto the Innkeeper of the Tanners Arms, with some of his regulars and two members of the Watch try and break Jennel out of the Barracks. They are unsuccessful, Otto is killed in the attempt.

The tunnels under Jennels house are investigated by the watch and they lead to the river and a smugglers cave. The skeleton of a believed smuggler is found, his flesh removed by rats and his skull cracked open. Captain Kessler shows the party a similar skeleton found in the same condition three weeks ago near the Wissland gate.

Brother Grabbe rewards the party for their subjugation of the undead horde of Mourne that desecrated his beloved Garden. He gives them each a black cloth pouch containing, as Luka discovers later some of the Priests nail clippings. Luka is confused by this “reward”. The others place the small pouches about their necks. Luka places his in his pack in disgust.

On the night of the 25th a storm strikes Stromdorf which in its fury wreaks the towns granaries, the harvest stored there, ruined. On the morning of the 26th a near riot occurs at the bakery in the north of town as there is no bread combined with the simmering resentment regarding the arrest of Jennel. That morning Adler requests a meeting with the party.

In the meeting they are introduced to a farmer from the uplands south of Stromdorf, Gubo Ackerland. Essentially the farms in the uplands are being raided of their animal stock to such a degree that within a matter of weeks they will be ruined. This combined with the damage of the storm means that the town is under the risk of starvation. Kessler cannot spare any men due to the simmering’s of discontent from the Tanners district of town. Adler requests that the party investigate and apprehend these rustlers.

Payment is offered in the sum of fifty schillings each, but this the party decline, and Zilvia and Jonas actual donate to the town treasury gold, so that supplies can be purchased from Ubersreik. Adler is grateful indeed!!

Niklas Schulman, the Celestial Wizard bursts in on the meeting, demanding that the party continues their investigation for the map stones. He has been tormented by some vivid dreams. On hearing that the party are to travel south he agrees and whispers to Zilvia that everything is connected.

Setting off to the south in Ackerlands wagon, with Luka left behind to assist the town milita, they pass the haunted Tempest Knap, an Elven ruin upon a hill. The party agree to investigate this site, maybe this is what Schulman was on about. Especially when Ackerland mentions that about a month ago lights seemed to be hovering above the hill. However the farms and raiders first.

They are greeted at the farm, given a warm meal and a change of clothing. Its been very very wet all day. Jonas has grabbed the attention of the farmers sixteen year old daughter, Marien. The farmer has nine children and six field hands.

The raids seem to occur just before midnight, the patrols set by the farmer always report back exhausted with no recollection of any thefts. The dogs refusing to go out at night. The party scout the farm and go on first watch…as the sun dips below the horizon…Night Falls!

Jonas on watch in a small copse struggles to remain awake. Zilvia is distracted by the rugged farmer hand she is with attending the sheep hidden in some boulders to the east of the farm. Caeless is stationed on the roof top of the barn. Eventually at around ten, with Jonas fast asleep, Caeless hears whispered voices to the south approaching Jonas position, he hears the language he hates…. Goblin!
Caeless sends an arrow to alert Zilvia, the Goblins throw some kind of Fungus which induces some form of sleep. Zilvia is ambushed but resists the spoors of the Fungus, her hunk is not so lucky and collapses. The goblins stick some of the fungus up Jonas’s nose. The moon comes out from behind a cloud and Caeless can see five maybe more Goblins leading two cows southward…..



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