The Gathering Storm

Out at the farm...

Session 25

SigmarTide 27 2522 – South of Stromdorf

The fight against the troll is short but violent. In its rage it destroys the gate house and strikes Nindeh so hard that it cracks some of her ribs. As she gathers her wits whilst in the mud she hears her horse in the hills in panic. Nindeh decides to help her new found collegues finish the troll then rescue her horse.

Jonas as nimble as ever falls from the farm roof and lands amongst the wounded and dead goblins near the well. Zilvia is badly hit and Klebs morale breaks. As the beast looms over Zilvia some well placed arrows from Caeless, a lightning strike that hits the mapstone upon which the troll is standing , all make the mighty creature collapse. Zilvia examines the creature to ensure it is dead.

Caeless takes Flea and searches for her parents in the farmhouse. Leaving her in the front room, he decends into the celler where he finds the mutilated corpse of her father and the still living, but mad and mutilated mother. Nindeh, Jonas, Zilvia and Kleb rush into the hills where the sounds of the panic struke horse can be heard.

The horse, hough tied to a tree has struke down two goblins, whilst two more are trying to restrain a Squig. The Squig in its desire for food attacks again and again, finally bitting into the valiant horse.

Nindeh fires at the Squig, which puts the goblins into flight. The horse breaks free. The squig is chased away and the horses wounds tend. The party return to the Baumer farm to plan and consolidate.

They have both the mapstone and Gobspites head piece. Nindeh, Kleb and Jonas are to return to the Ackerland farm with a cart, the stones and tha animals. Zilvia examines Fleas mother. Her first instinct is to put her out of her pain and madness. She resists the urge, maybe the brilliant Doctor Schneider in Stromdorf can help her….



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