The Gathering Storm

There Be Goblins in those Hills yonder...

Session 22 and 23

SigmarTide 27 2522 – South of Stromdorf

Caeless shoots some goblin raiders then sets off in pursuit of the remainder with their plundered cows and sheep. Zilvia discovers Jonas in the bushes and revives him. They head back to the farm unknowing that Caeless is in pursuit. At the farm a rider enters the courtyard. This is Nindeh a High Elf messenger. After an intial introduction she offers her assistance. Jonas will ride on the back of the horse with nindeh whilst Zilvia waits at the farm and tries to get the Ackerland family to help find the goblin nest and wipe it out.

Caeless tracks the goblins into the foothills and engages two in combat but in so doing loses the others. Nindeh and Jonas arrive and Jonas castes a fireball spell from the back of the horse, which panics and throws him off.Da sikboyz goblins

They now track the goblins and arrive at the Baumer farm. The Goblins are using the farm as a base of operations. The farm is in a valley which allows the party to observe the goblins. Zilvia is unsuccessful in motivating the Ackerland farmers apart from the eldest son Kleb. Jonas arrives back and leads them to the Baumer farm.

Baumer farmstead

Whilst observing the farm and coming up with a plan of action,they ascertain that there is a large number of goblins and a few sqigs here as well as a troll in the farmhouse that is fed via a hole in the thatched roof. A goblin Shaman mounted on a plinth emerges from the farmhouse. Many of the goblins gather in the court yard and bow to this shamen.


One not quickly enough and suffers the shamens wrath by being turned into a pile of ashes by some foul spell. The Heros also notice that the plinth the shamen is standing on looks like another part of the mapstone. As dawn approches they notice a small girl come out of the well and move into one of the buildings. They decide that the girl needs to be rescued before they can go for the stone and free the animals.

As the farm has a palisade around it with a manned watchtower and gate house the party decide to wait till noon, when the “sun” is highest. Those still raining heavily the sun is seen occasionally. Caeless, Jonas and Nindeh move to the southern side of the farm whilst Kleb and Zilvia observe from the north ready to perform distractions if necessary.

Caeless successfully crosses the palisade and enters one of the outhouses which is a smithy. In a side room he finds the small girl hiding under the bed. He coaxes her out and manages to persuade her that he is not in league with the goblins and that he is there to rescue her. she settles down and gives her nickname as flea.


Jonas and Nindeh climb the palisade and get upon the roof of the thatched roof of the farmhouse. The goblins in the towers do not seem to be taking much notice. Caeless picks up Flea and sneaks back across the courtyard and helps her onto the palisade. Before Caeless himself can climb up though some goblins emerge onto a balcony above him and squabble. One is thrown over the balcony into the mud at Caeless’s feet. Caeless however manages to stay out of his line of vision.

Nindeh takes hold of the girl, who wiggles and squirms and finally bites her hand to get away as Caeless finally climbs up the palisade grabs the girl and then helps her down onto the outside of the palisade. He tells her to remain here out of site.

Nindeh and Caeless sneak up on the watchtower whilst Jonas approches the hole in the farmhouse roof. The tower is taken, though a goblin in the gate house sees the slaughter of his comrades and lets out the alarm. Jonas slips on the thatching and falls into the hole and lands at the now woken but still dopey Troll.

Stone troll

Now shit hits the fan! Goblins emerge from the barn sleepy and unprepared and take a hail of arrows and bolts from Caeless and Nindeh from the watchtower. Also the guards on the gatehouse are shot and silenced. Zilvia and Kleb enter the farm courtyard through the gatehouse which was unlocked. They try and startle the penned in animals into a stampede, very unsuccessfully.

Kleb is wounded as the goblins round the corner of the well and Zilvia helps carry / drag him up the gatehouse tower just in time. the goblins fall back from the hail of arrows, as there leader emerges from the farmhouse and is wounded first by an arrow in his thigh from Caeless and a bolt from Nindeh which hits him in the head for a glancing blow that knocks him from his plinth and removes a small fragment of rock that had been strapped to his forehead.

Gobspite s brain rock

Meanwhile Jonas in the pantry with the Troll manages to use its stupidity to smash open the pantry door. Unfortunatly the troll picks up Jonas and carries him into the kitchen, looking for food. Finally the troll realises that Jonas would be a taste snack himself. Jonas castes a flame shield spell which causes the troll to drop him. Then the troll belts Jonas right across the room, his jaws slabbering now ready for his lunch…..



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