Wood Elf Bounty Hunter with a grudge against goblins


Strength : 3
Toughness : 3
Agility : 5 *
Intelligence : 4
Willpower : 3
Fellowship : 2

Trained Skills : Ballistic Skill / Stealth / Intuition / Observation

Wound Threshold : 13
Corruption Threshold : 13

Action Cards : Find Weakness / Rapid Fire / Nimble Strike
Talents : Catlike Reflexes / Reputation / Voice of Reason


Caeless grew up in a small community on the edge of Athel Loren. His father and mother were both hunters, and Caeless trained with the bow from an early age. He had a brother and sister but the sister died when a band of goblins broke through the border patrols and into the forest. Caeless blamed himself for her death because he had let her wander away from home when he was supposed to be looking after her. Unable to face the shame, he left the forest and vowed to hunt greenskins, not to return until a thousand of them had been slain by his bow. Needing to make a living, he put his skills to use tracking down criminals for the humans, and became a bounty hunter. Caeless has so far worked alone, forming no friendships amongst the humans, and is not really seeking companionship. Secretly he is lonely but afraid that if he did make a friend, he would fail them as he did his sister; it is safer not to have anyone to care about. His tally of greenskins in the year since he left home stands at fourteen.


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