Jonas Hollefeuer

Reiklander Apprentice Bright Wizard, fresh from the colleges in Altdorf


Strength : 3
Toughness : 3
Agility : 3
Intelligence : 4
Willpower : 4 *
Fellowship : 2

Trained Skills : Channelling / Education / Magical Sight / Spellcraft / Discipline

Wound Threshold : 13
Corruption Threshold : 8

Action Cards : Duelists Strike / Cantrip / Counterspell / Magic Dart / Cauterize / Flameburst /
Shielding Winds of Aqshy / Channel Power
Talents : I’ve Seen Worse


Jonas Hollefeuer comes from a long line of petty nobles, and as a fourth son, he has little in the way to look forward to as far as inheritance was concerned. His eldest brother (Brost) is being groomed to take over the family interests and rule over their home, the Baronetcy of Rislang (famed for producing good grapes and a dry, semi sweet wine). His fathers (Markus) second son (Torsten)hopes to seek fame and fortune in the Emperors army, and, as is so often the case, his third son(Heinz) was indentured to a powerful mercantile guild. As a fourth son, with little prospects, Jonas knew that he would have to find his own way in the Empire, until that fateful day when the winds swept him towards Altdorf, and the colleges of Supreme Magic (as it happened when his powers first started to manifest (heating coffee or tea from far off Ind (far better than that from the Moot), a Wizard Lord (Dulanic Thorn)(of the order of the Jade order, Ghyran,was dining in the families humble manor and instantly Claimed him as property of the colleges. Once in Altdorf his latency was quickly determined to be more aggressive and reckless – and thus he began his apprenticeship in the Bright Order. Joneas still kept up his friendship with Dulanic, and had many enjoyable evenings and conversations with him. Of a self important and self centred nature his fellow students and apprentices soon made his life hard and through college politics his master (Joachim Brand) sent him on the long walk up the path of knowledge to find his ‘station’. His master words were;

“Bring heat and light to those in need ….. every one needs a flame to see by, or a fire to ward the chill of chaos! Stoke the fire, and tend it well …. the winds flow and ebb, but learn them so you can harness them! Yours is the power …. wonder …. look …. learn …. and when you stand before me again I will see a brother of the spirit of Aqshy. Above all remember that we are tools of the wind of Aqshy and Also the Empire …. Strive to serve both winds and master them. Goodbye, apprentise, I will see thee anon …..”

Jonas’ travels took him from Altdorf, and away from the protection of the colleges, his life was hard. He found it hard to talk to people – he was too impulsive. Displays of the manipulation of the red wind resulted in hard questioning, and only the silvered official lisence that hung around his neck proclaimed him as … tolerated! It got worse the further that you went. Big cities were fine (with only a passing check, but that small village where he almost burnt at the stake was altogether another thing … he demonstrated less of his abilities unless it was vital in some way).

After walking half way around the world (or so he thought) Jonas sat pondering a created fire (cantrip) that should not burn …. the weather was damp …. or to put it realistically the Gods had drunk their fill of the Rislang White Wines, and Ales, Stouts and Meads …. they had probably finished off with some of those fire liking spirits from the highlands or Kislev or Brettonia … and now they were pissing down from heaven. As he thought of this he looked at the nearby town of …. Stromdorf, yes that was it – what could he learn here? ‘Oh, … well’ he sighed and rolled into his sodden sleeping blanket and tried to get some sleep …..

Jonas Hollefeuer

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