Luka de Sorbo

Tilian Thug seeking his fortune and destiny in the Empire.


Strength : 4
Toughness : 3
Agility : 4
Intelligence : 3
Willpower : 3
Fellowship : 4

Trained Skills : Athletics / Intimidate / Skulduggery / Weapon Skill / Guile

Wound Threshold : 14
Corruption Threshold : 8

Action Cards : Insulting Blow / Nimble Strike
Talents : Catlike Relexes / Flanking Manoever


Ten Questions of Luka de Sorbo

1:) Luka was Born in Saratosa

2: Luka is the only surviving child of his family, since he is on the run Luka hopes that his mother does not get sick thru worring about him. His father a cobbler/shoemaker is disappointed that he had started working for the Bompenseros

3: While the Bompenseros were active he enjoyed respect/fear from the Tilian community in Marienburg

4: Luka was an enforcer/thug for a criminal tilian gang. He was hoping to get “made” in the next summer. Now that the Bompensero Family has been “taken” out he is a refugee from Marienburg on the run from the Gambinos. Tolek Gambino made a great effort to get Luka killed because he was favoured by Charlene a much desired Courtisan in Marienburg. It was she who warned Luka in the last minute.

5: Now that Luka has stopped worrying too much he is quite thrilled about the idea of being on the road. He knows that Tolek Gambino was an adventurer before he took over the Gambinos. Luka believes that this adventuring life would be a learning experience that would either kill him or ensure his rise to thrill, riches & power.

6: Luka always says short prayers to Ranald when he get a good score and thanks Myrmeridia every time he comes out on top in combat. He will not rob a priest of Myrmeridia

7: Luka has only enemies at this stage, the only vague allies or business partners that he had were the Thistledowns a criminal gang of Halflings who helped him escape Marienburg. His prime enemy is anyone who wishes the Tilian community harm, second placed traitors, informers or “rats” and last in the priority is the Gambino family.

8: Luka has no prized possessions

9: Luka is loyal to his friends, family and Tilians (in that order)

10. Luka does not really hate anyone at this stage, not even Tolek. He has fond Memories of Charlene but no great expectations as far as romancing her goes, she`s a hooker after all.

Luka de Sorbo

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