Nindeh Elensar

High Elf Messenger


Growing up in a common high elf familiy in middenheim, nindeh elensar was brought up by her parents in a loving envoironment,

but very humble and even comparable to reikland humans.

her father was the embassador of ulthuan in middenheim for a long time now, but she was never able to adapt to the human nobility and their ways.

Although her upbringing suggested her becoming an envoy of ulthuan at some point she decided to explore the world at a very young age,

for elfs at least.

Not being given the choices others of her kin are given in ulthuan, she would never become a protector of the phoenix king or even a warrior

in a shiny ulthuan scale.

But nevertheless she was, thanks to her growing up there, able to become a working part in the machinery of the empire.

Nindeh started her adventurer’s life as mercenary, accompanying a noble man from ubersreik, <insert name="true">,

on his journey home from marienburg.

not being able to spent her payment wisely she had used up most of it before arriving in ubersreik.

in desperate need for money and a job to earn it with, <instert name="true"> offered her a position as a messenger for the family of

<instert name="true">.

she accepted, not knowing that she would spent the following 20 years as a courier for the family.

nindeh never imagined her life to be one of a mere courier transporting messages from point A to point B.

Still she had learnt much in the last 20 years as a messenger.

encountering various foes on her travels, she had also gained some combat expertise.

using her accurate elven vision to identify foes from far away,

she mostly uses her crossbow to immobilise or, with high precision, knock back her enemies without even letting them get close enough to harm her.

getting around the reikland, mostly around Ubersreik though, she has developed a certain geographical

knowledge of the Reikland and also a proper insight into the empire history and culture.

a few days ago, she was informed that the family would no longer need her sevices. after one last message which she had to deliver to stromdorf

her assignment with them would finally end.

nindeh is now on her way from ubersreik to stromdorf with a message for the mayer adler. unfortunatley the village’s request for a whichthunter

can not be fulfilled…

Nindeh Elensar

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