Ziliva Hitzkopt

Reiklander Apothecory with adventurelust


Strength : 3
Toughness : 4
Agility : 3
Intelligence : 3 *
Willpower : 3
Fellowship : 3

Trained Skills : First Aid / Observation / Education / Medicine / Observation

Wound Threshold : 14
Corruption Threshold : 9

Action Cards : Acrobatic Strike / Disorienting Strike / Splints & Bandages / Social Drinking

Talents : I seem to recall / Foresight


Zilvia is a young girl who was born in Monte Castello, a fortified city state on the edge of Tilea. Monte Castello sits on the little peninsula on the “Bay Of Wrecks”, right across the large peninsula where you find the city of Myrmidens, facing the Black Gulf. It actually is on the border of Tilea and the Border Princess.

Her natural color of hair is high blonde, but she has a ginger color in it. This is what they call the color of Montillian blonde (cfr Venetian blonds). This particular color of hair comes from lying in the sun on top of the stone buildings, hair spread out. The stones from the Appucini Mountains are rich with iron and the weathering of the salty water of the “Bay Of Wrecks” combined with the scorching midday summer sun down south here makes it turn bright red which rubs off and naturally colors the hair. This color of hair makes her eyes, light brown almost red, stand out even more.

She was only a young adult when here parents were killed in a raid on the city. She lived on the streets for some time caring for herself. One time when she was being robbed and beaten by some thugs, a brave knight by the name of Auckler Rohnstad stood up for and saved her life. She, after her hero “rescued” her, in the spur of the moment and her being a quite inexperienced, and at that point of her life, naive teenage girl, fell in love with him. She followed him up north as he returned to his home after visiting the southern lands in search of a magnificent cheetah.

Sir Auckler Rohnstad was part of the order of the Knights Panther, but upon reaching his Grand Master rank, left the order an founded his own. Actually he became the founder of order of Knights Cheetah, a suborder of the Knights Panther. They form a light horseback cavalry, especially designed for tactical maneuvering during combat and flanking the enemy where it hurts the most.

Upon reaching the Empire, she knew that Sir Rohnstad would never return her love. Heartbroken, she left him and stayed behind in the city of Wusterburg. There, since she already had a rather good education, she went to learn her trade from the local apothecary there.

Generally Zilvia is a happy, life enjoying young women who finally has tasted what life really is about. The journey she took when she traveled with Sir Rohnstad left her longing for more, both the travel as the male company. Zilvia made up her mind and left Wusterburg and moved on. Her journey took her by the city of Nuln and then further up north east towards the capital of the Empire.

Her lust for travel was satisfied for now, but not her lust for men. She has met a few others since, but her “first love”, is still on her mind. There in Altdorf, she finished of her studies and has sworn to roam the lands, helping out when and where ever she can or is needed. Deep in her heart, she hopes that she will find him again and finally, like in all fairy tales, win his love and live happily ever after.

Since the old world is such a threatening and dangerous place, she frequently joins groups of adventurers traveling around so she can benefit from their protection in exchange for her healing skills. And who knows, maybe find someone who could make her forget about Sir Rohnstad. But can she really…

Whilst staying in Grimmstadt a village near Ubersreik, she lived with the local Apothcary as his apprentice. He was old, infirm and confused her with the daughter he lost some years ago to a accident. Then one day she is summoned to Grimwald Lodge to care for some wounded….

Ziliva Hitzkopt

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