The Gathering Storm

Session 28

SigmarTide 29 2522 – Stromdorf

The party are joined by Gele Kneffler. She has heard of the parties reputation and wishes to join them. They agree.

The party find out that Niklas Schulmann ahs some form of dealings with Hieronymus Kopfchen after they follow him after he leaves the Thunderwater.

The party meet Niklas at the town hall, where an ugly crowd is beginning to gather in protest at the arrest of Jennel Zauermann. The ring leader is Hanko Mucke but they know that he is only a puppet of Marcel Gerber. Zilvia nearly becomes involved in a brawl with a protester, but the reputation of the party cowes the crowd slightly. They travel to Anith Chuckleberry farm, so that she can guide them up to near the top of Tempst Knap.

Tempst knap

The party members continue to the crest of the hill and send caeless forward to investigate. Zilvia is watching Schulmann closly. Jonas can feel the winds stiring in the ruins. Gela feels uneasy at the unnatural silence. Nindeh is drawn to the ruins.

Nindeh sees a spirit, which communicates to her in her mind.

Fairy at tempest knap

This spirit is the long dead last guardian of the High Elven Shrine built here to house the map stones.

Ghost maiden

Whilst in communication with this spirit, Nindeh starts to levitate. Caeless discovers that the floor of the shrine has been dug up. Zilvia confronts Schulmann. And Gele goes investigating around the other side of the hill.Jonas can sense the magic gripping Nindeh.

The spirit reveals the the mapstones, which were on the floor of the shrine, show the location of a nexus of Azyr magic that the High Elves capped to stop the raw chaos of magic seeping into the world. When the High Elves left the Old World after their defeat by the Dwarves in the War of the Beard, the guardian remain to look after the shrine. Sometime after, she died, in a storm that shattered the temple and a tornado engulfed the remains, wrenched the mapstone from the floor, shattered it and scattered the pieces far and wide.

Schulmann in his confrontation with Zilvia reveals that he found a prophesy in his masters study about the coming of a comet that would destroy this part of the Empire. Instead of showing his master the prophesy he set off to prevent its occurance and gain reputation for himself. The prophesy mentioned the Elf Shrine, but no more. In consultation with Hieronymus he determined that the Ayzr magic would “summon” the comet. He performed a ritual of detection about a month ago at the shrine to determine where the mapstones were so that he could then find the nexus. The ritual failed and he was struck by Lightening and badly scarred. He has been hiding this scarring by the use of a cantrip.

Gele hears something large moving in the trees north of the hill.

The spirit leaves Nindeh saying that the mapstone must be returned and protected and the nexus needs to be located and the cap reinforced.

Suddenly erupting from the trees near Gele,


She quakes in fear…

The Story so Far - Summerzeit 29th 2522
Synopsis of Events

Initial Characters

Luka de Sorbo
Herman Kruistmann
Ziliva Hitzkopt

End of Pflugzeit

Helped to destroy Chaos Cult at the Grunwald Lodge, hired by Vern Hendrick, manservent of Rickard Aschaffenberg. The Lord requests that the party track down the one escaping cult member, Doctor Stefan Siegar.

Party track him from the Lodge to Geissbach, Ubersreik and then to Stromdorf. whilst in Ubersreik they pick up a further commission to find a merchant Florian Wechsler, who went to Stromdorf so weeks back and has not returned.


Stromdorf is wet, very wet. It never seems to stop raining. In tracking down both the party discover that both suffered the same fate. They were drugged by Keila Cobblepot, then sold to the Holtz family. When the party confront the Holtz the party are informed that they use these people as “sacrafices” to the beastman tribe in the Oberslecht, to prevent the tribe from attacking Stromdorf.

The Holtz are actually in league with the beastman Shaman Foaldeath. With the help of the townsfolk, rallied by the towns Priest Lector Magnus Gottschalk, the beastman are attacked and beaten at the Battle of the Oberslecht. Foaldeath and Marie Holtz escape. Herman dies in the battle.

The party find that the beastman had been worshipping some formof marblesslab that attracted lightning to it and had been strapped to the top of their Herdstone. This is The Lightning Stone, which they bring back to Stromdorf.

This brings them to the attention of Niklas Schulmann, who asks them to locate further stones as the Lightening Stone is only a part.

New Party Member

Jonas Hollefeuer

The Holtz family is brought to trial by Tobias Dolmetscher brought in from Ubersreik. The cult member and the merchant are both dead. The party send messages to that effect. After their execution, that very night the undead rise and the party is attacked by zombies of the dead Holtz family. These are destroyed. a distraught Hieronymus Kopfchen hires the party to destroy a skeleton in his home. Then the town Burgomeister Burgomeister Phillip Adler and Watch Captain Arno Kessler hire the party to go to the towns Garden of Morr to find Brother Grabbe to determine why the dead have arisen.

The party encounter zombies, lots of them at the Gardens of Morr, they rescue the priest and find that the undead have risen due to the macinations of Lazarus Mourn.

The party defeat the evil Wight, who used the body of a woman, Madriga Brenner who died recently in mysterious circumstances. She had been married to the Innkeeper of the Thunderwater Inn, Sebastien Brenner and in love with the Burgomeister. The party capture the artefact that contains its soul of Lazarus, place it in holy water and drop it down the well at the Morr temple. They take the Priest to town for healing by
Doctor Schneider. They also found the second mapstone which excites Niklas Schulmann.

With a growing reputation in town the party are hired by the Innkepper of the Tanners arms to find Jennel Zauermann

They do so. She has been held prisioner under her own house by a mad man, whom the party kill, but the party find evidence of witchcraft under the house, which has a cave complex seemingly built by smugglers many years ago. the party bring her back to the barracks for trial. This causes an uproar in the town which has a north / south devide.

A storm occurs. Grain silos damaged causing food shortage. Party hired by Adler as there seems to be russtling occurring in the southern farms. Luka leaves the party. He and Zilvia not getting on.

The animal thefts are occuring due to a goblin investation of the southern most farm owned by the Baumer family.

New Party Member

Nindeh Elensar

Goblins dealt with by cunning and subterfuge by the part and plenty of rapid fire. Daughter of the Baumers, Flea is rescued. One more part of the marble stone is recovered.

Party return to town, bring stone to Schulmann, who they suspect is up to no good

New Party Member

Gele Kneffler

Investigating in Stromdorf
Session 27

SigmarTide 28 2522 – Stromdorf

The plan is hatched. Jonas and Nindeh go to fetch Niklas Schulmann from the Thunderwater Inn. Nindeh meets and greets the Inns owner Sebastien Brenner and hires a private room in the Inn. He leers at her openly. Nindeh hides whilst Jonas approches the wizards door. It opens by itself and Schulmann greets him. Schulmann is outraged that he is summoned to a meeting in the town hall, but Jonas convinces him to attend.

Nindeh tries to get into Schulmanns room, but he has had a lock installed. she tries to charm a key from the inn owner but Schulmann had the lock installed privately, and has the only key. So she decides to climb the outside of the building and get in via the window. On her second attempt she succeeds. She takes a rubbing of the stones and goes through Schulmanns papers. She discovers that the mapstone points to a Nexus of Ayzr magical energy which the High Elves capped millenia ago. She leaves via the window, delighted with her discoveries.


The meeting in the Town Hall is coming to a close. After intial tension with Schulmann, unhappy with the attitude on the Heroes and his summoning to the meeting, it has been determined that the next course of action is to go to Tempst Knap on the morrow. Schulmann and Caeless take the recently aquired stone to his room in the inn. Schulmann has a fit when he realises that he is still missing a part. He promises a huge reward from the Celestial Collage if the Heroes can quickly find the last part.

Jonas , Nindeh and Caeless go searching the streets of Stromdorf using Jonas ability to sense the winds of Magic to see if they can determine where the Azyr magic is strongest. Zilvia goes and visits Gertie Henkelmauer to determine why there is a planned protest tomorrow at the town hall.

The Azyr magical wind is strongest near the Temple of Sigmar. Jonas upsets the acolyte Chlodwig Fromm by blatantly summoning the winds in the temple and the acolyte expels him, until Lector Magnus Gottschalk, admonishes Chlodwig and explains that these are the heroes that are here to save the town.

The Lector explains that he has visions of the heroes and their efforts to stop the flood that he sees engulfing the town. The three explain that they believe that the maps stones point to a Nexus of Ayzr magical energy and that the Temple seems to also have an excess of this wind of magic.

Jonas believes the Ayzr is at it’s strongest in the crypt. The heroes and Lector descend into the crypt where there are two sarcophagii, which hold the remains of all the old priests that served the temple since the founding of the Empire. The Lector confirms that the temple was built on ground that was holy before the Empire was even formed. Jonas insists that the sarcophagii be open and though unwilling the Lector agrees as he trusts the Heroes. The lids removed reveals an iron ladder descending intothe earth with niches which the remains of the Priesta are placed. Caeless and Jonas descend one then the other. In one Jonas can feel the Azyr wind much stronmger than in the other, but there is no map stone.

Puzzeled the heroes decide to return to the Town Hall and discuss their findings with Zilvia….

Zilvia has a pleasant evening of tea and cakes with Gertie. She discovers that the protest has been arranged by Marcel Gerber, the owner of the Tannery and Adlers main political rival. Most of the towns folk are worried about the visit of the Witch Hunter and its effect on their community, though Gertie hints that Marcel is trying to become Burgomeister himself.

On her way back to the Town Hall, Zilvia ahs a feeling on being watched. This grows on her on her journey, then in the moonlight as she looks upon the roof of one of the town houses she sees the shape and form of …


watching her. The creature ackowledges her observation and disappears into the darkness. Zilvia, perplexed arrives back at the Townhall at the same time as the others do from their crypt excursion. They enter their rooms to find two individuals awaiting them. One a dwarven Troll Slayer as denoted by his hair, the other a young naive looking lady in weather worn clothing cluching a bow…

Back to Town and a Heros welcome....
Session 26

SigmarTide 28 2522 – Stromdorf

Zilvia and Caeless remain at the Baumer farm to load a cart with Sonja Baumers mutilated body, so that she can be given medical aid in Stromdorf. Jonas and Nindeh return the Ackerland farm with Kleb in tow. Gubo Ackerland is stunned by the revelation that goblins had overrun the Baumer farm, he is releaved that the party have dealt with them. His wife, Meg offers Flea and her mother a home.

Caeless and Zilvia struggle with the cart back to the Ackerland farm and a wheel breaks in the turgid mud. They also hear the sounds of pursuit. The wheel is fixed quickly and as they near the farm they see Jonas running towards them excitedly. Nindeh cannot get her horse moving its had enough,what with rain, more rain, Squig bites, mud and even more blasted rain.

Jonas has seen some goblins laying in wait for the cart, and Zilvia alerted to there precenses gives them a blast from her newly “aquired” blunderbus…to devastating effect. Instantly killing two goblins and giving a third a new hair style… the rest run and Zilvia has a new toy!!

The party spend the rest of the night at the farm, drying off and enjoying a nice warm meal. Gubo offers them a cow as a reward for their help and is non plussed when the decline this obvious wealth.

On their return to town they encounter a halfling farmer with her mule, on her way home from Stromdorf. Her name is Anith Chuckleberry and her farm is the closest to Tempst Knap. She had been up the Knap in her youth but its haunted and too spooky for her to go there again. She admits that about a month ago there were strange goings on up on the hill. She agrees to guide the party up some of the way on the morrow.

Once in Stromdorf the party leave the wounded Sonja with the good doctor. They then go to the town hall. They encounter a pair of road wardens leaving Adlers office. One of whom recognises and greets Caeless. This is Bartomar Jaeger an ex bounty hunter from Auerswald.

The party see Adler and Kessler and they are given the news that a Witch Hunter from Aldorf is on his way, but not Tobias Dolmetscher, who has been arrested for at least incompetance and at worst conspiration with the forces of chaos. The witch hunter from Altdorf is Matthais Krieger who’s reputation is ruthless…

The party hatch a plan to determine if Niklas Schulmann can be trusted, they plan to break into his room… very honorable of them, so trust worthy!

Out at the farm...
Session 25

SigmarTide 27 2522 – South of Stromdorf

The fight against the troll is short but violent. In its rage it destroys the gate house and strikes Nindeh so hard that it cracks some of her ribs. As she gathers her wits whilst in the mud she hears her horse in the hills in panic. Nindeh decides to help her new found collegues finish the troll then rescue her horse.

Jonas as nimble as ever falls from the farm roof and lands amongst the wounded and dead goblins near the well. Zilvia is badly hit and Klebs morale breaks. As the beast looms over Zilvia some well placed arrows from Caeless, a lightning strike that hits the mapstone upon which the troll is standing , all make the mighty creature collapse. Zilvia examines the creature to ensure it is dead.

Caeless takes Flea and searches for her parents in the farmhouse. Leaving her in the front room, he decends into the celler where he finds the mutilated corpse of her father and the still living, but mad and mutilated mother. Nindeh, Jonas, Zilvia and Kleb rush into the hills where the sounds of the panic struke horse can be heard.

The horse, hough tied to a tree has struke down two goblins, whilst two more are trying to restrain a Squig. The Squig in its desire for food attacks again and again, finally bitting into the valiant horse.

Nindeh fires at the Squig, which puts the goblins into flight. The horse breaks free. The squig is chased away and the horses wounds tend. The party return to the Baumer farm to plan and consolidate.

They have both the mapstone and Gobspites head piece. Nindeh, Kleb and Jonas are to return to the Ackerland farm with a cart, the stones and tha animals. Zilvia examines Fleas mother. Her first instinct is to put her out of her pain and madness. She resists the urge, maybe the brilliant Doctor Schneider in Stromdorf can help her….

Dealing with Goblins 101
Session 24

SigmarTide 27 2522 – South of Stromdorf

With a stalemate in the courtyard, the goblins unsure how man hummies they are being attacked by and too intimidated by the accurate missile fire to find out, and the party unsure how to deal with so many goblins.

Nindeh running low on ammo for her crossbow picks up a sling, and though unuse to it, she still hits anything that moves in the farms courtyard. Caeless decides to see what has happened to Jonas as roars can be heard from inside the farmhouse. Gobspite encourages one of his minions to retrieve his headband, its shot for its troubles.

Zilvia patches up the wounded Kleb, and then gets into a slanging match with Gobspite. This ends with him trying a spell on her for little effect. However a Lighting bolt hits the marble plinth and Zilvia takes this and claims that she caused this to happen. Goblins are stupid, sometimes really stupid, they fall for this ruse, goblin morale collapses and they rush back to the barn.

The glowy rock

Caeless enters the farmhouse upper floor, comes across some more goblins which he dispatches and Jonas, diselved and exhausted bursts in the room. They both escape the building. Jonas relates his struggle with the Troll. Involving hiding, running and more hiding. Just to confuse the creature. The pair of them observe the goblins hiding in the barn. Jonas lets rip with a flameblast that hits the dry straw and starts a fire. This is too much for the already shaken goblins and they rout.

Meanwhile Zilvia, Nindeh and Kleb have retrieved the plinth stone and Gobspites headpiece from the courtyard, and have returned to the gatehouse as the broken goblins flee past them. At which point the Troll bursts through the door of the farmhouse with a limping and wounded Gobpsite holding onto its leg. Zilvia is struke by a bolt from Gobspites eyes and Kleb collapses in fear from the site of the Troll. Zilvia, wounded but unbowed picks up the plinth and tries to drop it on Gobspites head, it misses. Nindeh shoots one of her few remaining bolts at the Troll and shatters its kneecap, immbolising it for a while, whilst Jonas and Caeless come in for the kill…..

There Be Goblins in those Hills yonder...
Session 22 and 23

SigmarTide 27 2522 – South of Stromdorf

Caeless shoots some goblin raiders then sets off in pursuit of the remainder with their plundered cows and sheep. Zilvia discovers Jonas in the bushes and revives him. They head back to the farm unknowing that Caeless is in pursuit. At the farm a rider enters the courtyard. This is Nindeh a High Elf messenger. After an intial introduction she offers her assistance. Jonas will ride on the back of the horse with nindeh whilst Zilvia waits at the farm and tries to get the Ackerland family to help find the goblin nest and wipe it out.

Caeless tracks the goblins into the foothills and engages two in combat but in so doing loses the others. Nindeh and Jonas arrive and Jonas castes a fireball spell from the back of the horse, which panics and throws him off.Da sikboyz goblins

They now track the goblins and arrive at the Baumer farm. The Goblins are using the farm as a base of operations. The farm is in a valley which allows the party to observe the goblins. Zilvia is unsuccessful in motivating the Ackerland farmers apart from the eldest son Kleb. Jonas arrives back and leads them to the Baumer farm.

Baumer farmstead

Whilst observing the farm and coming up with a plan of action,they ascertain that there is a large number of goblins and a few sqigs here as well as a troll in the farmhouse that is fed via a hole in the thatched roof. A goblin Shaman mounted on a plinth emerges from the farmhouse. Many of the goblins gather in the court yard and bow to this shamen.


One not quickly enough and suffers the shamens wrath by being turned into a pile of ashes by some foul spell. The Heros also notice that the plinth the shamen is standing on looks like another part of the mapstone. As dawn approches they notice a small girl come out of the well and move into one of the buildings. They decide that the girl needs to be rescued before they can go for the stone and free the animals.

As the farm has a palisade around it with a manned watchtower and gate house the party decide to wait till noon, when the “sun” is highest. Those still raining heavily the sun is seen occasionally. Caeless, Jonas and Nindeh move to the southern side of the farm whilst Kleb and Zilvia observe from the north ready to perform distractions if necessary.

Caeless successfully crosses the palisade and enters one of the outhouses which is a smithy. In a side room he finds the small girl hiding under the bed. He coaxes her out and manages to persuade her that he is not in league with the goblins and that he is there to rescue her. she settles down and gives her nickname as flea.


Jonas and Nindeh climb the palisade and get upon the roof of the thatched roof of the farmhouse. The goblins in the towers do not seem to be taking much notice. Caeless picks up Flea and sneaks back across the courtyard and helps her onto the palisade. Before Caeless himself can climb up though some goblins emerge onto a balcony above him and squabble. One is thrown over the balcony into the mud at Caeless’s feet. Caeless however manages to stay out of his line of vision.

Nindeh takes hold of the girl, who wiggles and squirms and finally bites her hand to get away as Caeless finally climbs up the palisade grabs the girl and then helps her down onto the outside of the palisade. He tells her to remain here out of site.

Nindeh and Caeless sneak up on the watchtower whilst Jonas approches the hole in the farmhouse roof. The tower is taken, though a goblin in the gate house sees the slaughter of his comrades and lets out the alarm. Jonas slips on the thatching and falls into the hole and lands at the now woken but still dopey Troll.

Stone troll

Now shit hits the fan! Goblins emerge from the barn sleepy and unprepared and take a hail of arrows and bolts from Caeless and Nindeh from the watchtower. Also the guards on the gatehouse are shot and silenced. Zilvia and Kleb enter the farm courtyard through the gatehouse which was unlocked. They try and startle the penned in animals into a stampede, very unsuccessfully.

Kleb is wounded as the goblins round the corner of the well and Zilvia helps carry / drag him up the gatehouse tower just in time. the goblins fall back from the hail of arrows, as there leader emerges from the farmhouse and is wounded first by an arrow in his thigh from Caeless and a bolt from Nindeh which hits him in the head for a glancing blow that knocks him from his plinth and removes a small fragment of rock that had been strapped to his forehead.

Gobspite s brain rock

Meanwhile Jonas in the pantry with the Troll manages to use its stupidity to smash open the pantry door. Unfortunatly the troll picks up Jonas and carries him into the kitchen, looking for food. Finally the troll realises that Jonas would be a taste snack himself. Jonas castes a flame shield spell which causes the troll to drop him. Then the troll belts Jonas right across the room, his jaws slabbering now ready for his lunch…..

Heros of the Town ??
Session 21

SigmarTide 26 2522 – Stromdorf

A week has passed for our Heroes. A grateful Burgermeister allows them to be given two rooms in the nearly vacant town hall. These rooms are furnished, and the services of a maid commissioned by Adler. Meals supplied by the Thunderwater again paid for by Adler.

Jennel is imprisoned and a Witchhunter summoned from Ubersreik. Otto the Innkeeper of the Tanners Arms, with some of his regulars and two members of the Watch try and break Jennel out of the Barracks. They are unsuccessful, Otto is killed in the attempt.

The tunnels under Jennels house are investigated by the watch and they lead to the river and a smugglers cave. The skeleton of a believed smuggler is found, his flesh removed by rats and his skull cracked open. Captain Kessler shows the party a similar skeleton found in the same condition three weeks ago near the Wissland gate.

Brother Grabbe rewards the party for their subjugation of the undead horde of Mourne that desecrated his beloved Garden. He gives them each a black cloth pouch containing, as Luka discovers later some of the Priests nail clippings. Luka is confused by this “reward”. The others place the small pouches about their necks. Luka places his in his pack in disgust.

On the night of the 25th a storm strikes Stromdorf which in its fury wreaks the towns granaries, the harvest stored there, ruined. On the morning of the 26th a near riot occurs at the bakery in the north of town as there is no bread combined with the simmering resentment regarding the arrest of Jennel. That morning Adler requests a meeting with the party.

In the meeting they are introduced to a farmer from the uplands south of Stromdorf, Gubo Ackerland. Essentially the farms in the uplands are being raided of their animal stock to such a degree that within a matter of weeks they will be ruined. This combined with the damage of the storm means that the town is under the risk of starvation. Kessler cannot spare any men due to the simmering’s of discontent from the Tanners district of town. Adler requests that the party investigate and apprehend these rustlers.

Payment is offered in the sum of fifty schillings each, but this the party decline, and Zilvia and Jonas actual donate to the town treasury gold, so that supplies can be purchased from Ubersreik. Adler is grateful indeed!!

Niklas Schulman, the Celestial Wizard bursts in on the meeting, demanding that the party continues their investigation for the map stones. He has been tormented by some vivid dreams. On hearing that the party are to travel south he agrees and whispers to Zilvia that everything is connected.

Setting off to the south in Ackerlands wagon, with Luka left behind to assist the town milita, they pass the haunted Tempest Knap, an Elven ruin upon a hill. The party agree to investigate this site, maybe this is what Schulman was on about. Especially when Ackerland mentions that about a month ago lights seemed to be hovering above the hill. However the farms and raiders first.

They are greeted at the farm, given a warm meal and a change of clothing. Its been very very wet all day. Jonas has grabbed the attention of the farmers sixteen year old daughter, Marien. The farmer has nine children and six field hands.

The raids seem to occur just before midnight, the patrols set by the farmer always report back exhausted with no recollection of any thefts. The dogs refusing to go out at night. The party scout the farm and go on first watch…as the sun dips below the horizon…Night Falls!

Jonas on watch in a small copse struggles to remain awake. Zilvia is distracted by the rugged farmer hand she is with attending the sheep hidden in some boulders to the east of the farm. Caeless is stationed on the roof top of the barn. Eventually at around ten, with Jonas fast asleep, Caeless hears whispered voices to the south approaching Jonas position, he hears the language he hates…. Goblin!
Caeless sends an arrow to alert Zilvia, the Goblins throw some kind of Fungus which induces some form of sleep. Zilvia is ambushed but resists the spoors of the Fungus, her hunk is not so lucky and collapses. The goblins stick some of the fungus up Jonas’s nose. The moon comes out from behind a cloud and Caeless can see five maybe more Goblins leading two cows southward…..

A Friend in Need - The Ties That Bind
Session 19 and 20

SigmarTide 18 2522 – Stromdorf

Personal Journal of Lector Magnus Gottschalk -

I stand in the offices of Herr Kessler both disgusted and ashamed with the travisty of my beloved Stromdorf. What has this town come too. I have just brought a witch and heretic to be tried by the full justice of the law and light of beloved Sigmar.

Jennel needs to be executed, that is beyond a doubt, but that will be the tenth execution in less than a month. How invested in chaos is this town?? Beasts of Tzeench under my town, hidden warrens on cultists, ritual magic dear lord Sigmar help us!

Tzeentch screamer

Some hundred good citizens held in thrall by this witch by some ritual caste in her youth. No wonder the divide in the town. Thanks be praised for my allies, those that I dreamed off have been the anvil to my hammer. I can see that their support and loyalty will be required in the tough times ahead.

Now we have a rat issue under our town too, whatever next….

Personal Journel of Captain Arno Kessler -

They have done it again. Uncovered corruption in our town. First the Holtz family, then the return of Mourns necromatic evil, and now a Witch of Tzeench and cultist. All in a month. Strange times indeed.

The Elf Caeless calming the mob, then escorting the mad to Dr. Schneider, Zilvia also calming the crowd then with the watch dispersing them. Johanas dragging the witch to justice with the good priest and Luka losing an eye.

And now reports of a rat problem in the northern parts of town. I must report to Adler and again seek the help of this valiant band of unlikely heroes.

I need to again write to Ubersreik to send a Witch Hunter to perform a trial and to see how deep the corruption lies in this town. See the full extent that this ritual of the Ties that Bind has run.

And will this rain never stop?

A Friend in Need - Through the Wall !
Session 18

SigmarTide 17 2522 – Stromdorf

Luca is attacked by the lunatic (he is unwashed and smells of vomit). The Lunatic slams Luca into a wall flooring him and forcing him physically through a rotten wall.

Jonas glimpses through the open door and cast a firey storm targeted on the Lunatic, causing him to erupt in flame and curse. Blood and pus spray over Luka, who fears for his health..

Zilvia leaps in, attempting to delay the deranged man, but can’t prevail, leaving Jonas grazed and off balance. All the time, the obviously insane man, is muttering arcane utterances which Jonas just can’t pick up on.

As Luca attempts to pull his body from the wall, Zilvia harries the man. Jonas is hit by a mighty blow hurling him clear through to the street. The impact and the serious nature of his wounds causes Jonas to pass out.

Caeless grabs Luca and tries to help free him. As Luca finally springs free he gets a splinter in his eye, mangling it badly.

Zilvia tries to use leverage to topple, the wounded but still very dangerous lunatic into the street but he resists and strikes back forcing Zilvia back into the house to join Luca and Caeless. Luca grabbing his sword and calling on fortune strikes him in the belly and pinning him to the wall. As he dies he murmurs “incubus” before finally dying.

The party rallies as Zilvia heals to the best of her ability. Unfortunately she does not have the experience to fully heal Lucas eye, and only mitigates the damage. Using a draft from the apocatherys shop that they are in she revives Jonas.

The nosy neighbor appears demanding information on Janelle only to be rebuffed. Caeless and Luca search the room again noting a wedding dress and 9 lanterns. Jonas, in a moment of clarity, decifers the mutterings as " slay the unbeleiver". Whilst examining the corpse, Jonas notices the start of mutation and intricate arcane tattoos. Zilvia escorts Luca to the Doctor and collects the Sigmarite priest on the way back so the party can carry on looking for Janele.

Whilst searching the party find a locket (with a picture of a man and woman inside) and a silver ring. After Jonas lights the lanterns the searching is easier and they find a key, and a loose floor board containing a little money keepsake.

After convincing Magnus (the Sigmarite priest) to accompany her, they arrive back at the house. Magnus proclaims that this looks like the work of the Purple Hand. They return to the cellar and after much investigation find a secret door through the wall that leads to a room with a trap door.

Upon opening the trap door they see an old wooden flight of steps descending into the dark. This leads into shoddy catacombs, both badly maintained and poorly crafted.. They begin there search for Janelle, knowing that they will call for backup if required. Jonas sences all the winds of magic blowing through these tunnels.

They come across a store room, which has a poisoned handle on the door. this is a contact poison the Zilvia discerns has been made with some basic herbs.

In the room they find….


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