The Gathering Storm

Investigating in Stromdorf

Session 27

SigmarTide 28 2522 – Stromdorf

The plan is hatched. Jonas and Nindeh go to fetch Niklas Schulmann from the Thunderwater Inn. Nindeh meets and greets the Inns owner Sebastien Brenner and hires a private room in the Inn. He leers at her openly. Nindeh hides whilst Jonas approches the wizards door. It opens by itself and Schulmann greets him. Schulmann is outraged that he is summoned to a meeting in the town hall, but Jonas convinces him to attend.

Nindeh tries to get into Schulmanns room, but he has had a lock installed. she tries to charm a key from the inn owner but Schulmann had the lock installed privately, and has the only key. So she decides to climb the outside of the building and get in via the window. On her second attempt she succeeds. She takes a rubbing of the stones and goes through Schulmanns papers. She discovers that the mapstone points to a Nexus of Ayzr magical energy which the High Elves capped millenia ago. She leaves via the window, delighted with her discoveries.


The meeting in the Town Hall is coming to a close. After intial tension with Schulmann, unhappy with the attitude on the Heroes and his summoning to the meeting, it has been determined that the next course of action is to go to Tempst Knap on the morrow. Schulmann and Caeless take the recently aquired stone to his room in the inn. Schulmann has a fit when he realises that he is still missing a part. He promises a huge reward from the Celestial Collage if the Heroes can quickly find the last part.

Jonas , Nindeh and Caeless go searching the streets of Stromdorf using Jonas ability to sense the winds of Magic to see if they can determine where the Azyr magic is strongest. Zilvia goes and visits Gertie Henkelmauer to determine why there is a planned protest tomorrow at the town hall.

The Azyr magical wind is strongest near the Temple of Sigmar. Jonas upsets the acolyte Chlodwig Fromm by blatantly summoning the winds in the temple and the acolyte expels him, until Lector Magnus Gottschalk, admonishes Chlodwig and explains that these are the heroes that are here to save the town.

The Lector explains that he has visions of the heroes and their efforts to stop the flood that he sees engulfing the town. The three explain that they believe that the maps stones point to a Nexus of Ayzr magical energy and that the Temple seems to also have an excess of this wind of magic.

Jonas believes the Ayzr is at it’s strongest in the crypt. The heroes and Lector descend into the crypt where there are two sarcophagii, which hold the remains of all the old priests that served the temple since the founding of the Empire. The Lector confirms that the temple was built on ground that was holy before the Empire was even formed. Jonas insists that the sarcophagii be open and though unwilling the Lector agrees as he trusts the Heroes. The lids removed reveals an iron ladder descending intothe earth with niches which the remains of the Priesta are placed. Caeless and Jonas descend one then the other. In one Jonas can feel the Azyr wind much stronmger than in the other, but there is no map stone.

Puzzeled the heroes decide to return to the Town Hall and discuss their findings with Zilvia….

Zilvia has a pleasant evening of tea and cakes with Gertie. She discovers that the protest has been arranged by Marcel Gerber, the owner of the Tannery and Adlers main political rival. Most of the towns folk are worried about the visit of the Witch Hunter and its effect on their community, though Gertie hints that Marcel is trying to become Burgomeister himself.

On her way back to the Town Hall, Zilvia ahs a feeling on being watched. This grows on her on her journey, then in the moonlight as she looks upon the roof of one of the town houses she sees the shape and form of …


watching her. The creature ackowledges her observation and disappears into the darkness. Zilvia, perplexed arrives back at the Townhall at the same time as the others do from their crypt excursion. They enter their rooms to find two individuals awaiting them. One a dwarven Troll Slayer as denoted by his hair, the other a young naive looking lady in weather worn clothing cluching a bow…



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