The Gathering Storm


Session 28

SigmarTide 29 2522 – Stromdorf

The party are joined by Gele Kneffler. She has heard of the parties reputation and wishes to join them. They agree.

The party find out that Niklas Schulmann ahs some form of dealings with Hieronymus Kopfchen after they follow him after he leaves the Thunderwater.

The party meet Niklas at the town hall, where an ugly crowd is beginning to gather in protest at the arrest of Jennel Zauermann. The ring leader is Hanko Mucke but they know that he is only a puppet of Marcel Gerber. Zilvia nearly becomes involved in a brawl with a protester, but the reputation of the party cowes the crowd slightly. They travel to Anith Chuckleberry farm, so that she can guide them up to near the top of Tempst Knap.

Tempst knap

The party members continue to the crest of the hill and send caeless forward to investigate. Zilvia is watching Schulmann closly. Jonas can feel the winds stiring in the ruins. Gela feels uneasy at the unnatural silence. Nindeh is drawn to the ruins.

Nindeh sees a spirit, which communicates to her in her mind.

Fairy at tempest knap

This spirit is the long dead last guardian of the High Elven Shrine built here to house the map stones.

Ghost maiden

Whilst in communication with this spirit, Nindeh starts to levitate. Caeless discovers that the floor of the shrine has been dug up. Zilvia confronts Schulmann. And Gele goes investigating around the other side of the hill.Jonas can sense the magic gripping Nindeh.

The spirit reveals the the mapstones, which were on the floor of the shrine, show the location of a nexus of Azyr magic that the High Elves capped to stop the raw chaos of magic seeping into the world. When the High Elves left the Old World after their defeat by the Dwarves in the War of the Beard, the guardian remain to look after the shrine. Sometime after, she died, in a storm that shattered the temple and a tornado engulfed the remains, wrenched the mapstone from the floor, shattered it and scattered the pieces far and wide.

Schulmann in his confrontation with Zilvia reveals that he found a prophesy in his masters study about the coming of a comet that would destroy this part of the Empire. Instead of showing his master the prophesy he set off to prevent its occurance and gain reputation for himself. The prophesy mentioned the Elf Shrine, but no more. In consultation with Hieronymus he determined that the Ayzr magic would “summon” the comet. He performed a ritual of detection about a month ago at the shrine to determine where the mapstones were so that he could then find the nexus. The ritual failed and he was struck by Lightening and badly scarred. He has been hiding this scarring by the use of a cantrip.

Gele hears something large moving in the trees north of the hill.

The spirit leaves Nindeh saying that the mapstone must be returned and protected and the nexus needs to be located and the cap reinforced.

Suddenly erupting from the trees near Gele,


She quakes in fear…



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