The Gathering Storm

The Story so Far - Summerzeit 29th 2522

Synopsis of Events

Initial Characters

Luka de Sorbo
Herman Kruistmann
Ziliva Hitzkopt

End of Pflugzeit

Helped to destroy Chaos Cult at the Grunwald Lodge, hired by Vern Hendrick, manservent of Rickard Aschaffenberg. The Lord requests that the party track down the one escaping cult member, Doctor Stefan Siegar.

Party track him from the Lodge to Geissbach, Ubersreik and then to Stromdorf. whilst in Ubersreik they pick up a further commission to find a merchant Florian Wechsler, who went to Stromdorf so weeks back and has not returned.


Stromdorf is wet, very wet. It never seems to stop raining. In tracking down both the party discover that both suffered the same fate. They were drugged by Keila Cobblepot, then sold to the Holtz family. When the party confront the Holtz the party are informed that they use these people as “sacrafices” to the beastman tribe in the Oberslecht, to prevent the tribe from attacking Stromdorf.

The Holtz are actually in league with the beastman Shaman Foaldeath. With the help of the townsfolk, rallied by the towns Priest Lector Magnus Gottschalk, the beastman are attacked and beaten at the Battle of the Oberslecht. Foaldeath and Marie Holtz escape. Herman dies in the battle.

The party find that the beastman had been worshipping some formof marblesslab that attracted lightning to it and had been strapped to the top of their Herdstone. This is The Lightning Stone, which they bring back to Stromdorf.

This brings them to the attention of Niklas Schulmann, who asks them to locate further stones as the Lightening Stone is only a part.

New Party Member

Jonas Hollefeuer

The Holtz family is brought to trial by Tobias Dolmetscher brought in from Ubersreik. The cult member and the merchant are both dead. The party send messages to that effect. After their execution, that very night the undead rise and the party is attacked by zombies of the dead Holtz family. These are destroyed. a distraught Hieronymus Kopfchen hires the party to destroy a skeleton in his home. Then the town Burgomeister Burgomeister Phillip Adler and Watch Captain Arno Kessler hire the party to go to the towns Garden of Morr to find Brother Grabbe to determine why the dead have arisen.

The party encounter zombies, lots of them at the Gardens of Morr, they rescue the priest and find that the undead have risen due to the macinations of Lazarus Mourn.

The party defeat the evil Wight, who used the body of a woman, Madriga Brenner who died recently in mysterious circumstances. She had been married to the Innkeeper of the Thunderwater Inn, Sebastien Brenner and in love with the Burgomeister. The party capture the artefact that contains its soul of Lazarus, place it in holy water and drop it down the well at the Morr temple. They take the Priest to town for healing by
Doctor Schneider. They also found the second mapstone which excites Niklas Schulmann.

With a growing reputation in town the party are hired by the Innkepper of the Tanners arms to find Jennel Zauermann

They do so. She has been held prisioner under her own house by a mad man, whom the party kill, but the party find evidence of witchcraft under the house, which has a cave complex seemingly built by smugglers many years ago. the party bring her back to the barracks for trial. This causes an uproar in the town which has a north / south devide.

A storm occurs. Grain silos damaged causing food shortage. Party hired by Adler as there seems to be russtling occurring in the southern farms. Luka leaves the party. He and Zilvia not getting on.

The animal thefts are occuring due to a goblin investation of the southern most farm owned by the Baumer family.

New Party Member

Nindeh Elensar

Goblins dealt with by cunning and subterfuge by the part and plenty of rapid fire. Daughter of the Baumers, Flea is rescued. One more part of the marble stone is recovered.

Party return to town, bring stone to Schulmann, who they suspect is up to no good

New Party Member

Gele Kneffler



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